Q: Why am I being charged a service call fee?

A: Many people wonder why they are charged a call out fee to fix their appliance. They say a builder, tiler, or painter will come out and do a free quote for me, why do appliance repair companies charge a call out fee. There are several reasons why appliance repairers do this – Firstly, the majority of the appliance repairer’s job is in the diagnosing […]

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Clothes dryer not drying

Clothes dryers need two things to work, heat and air flow. The absence of either one of these will prevent the dryer from working correctly. Different brands have different faults, but as a general guide, the following could be at fault – No heat Element Burnt wire/terminal Thermostat Computer board / timer Temperature overload No air flow Blocked intake vents Filter not cleaned Blocked exhaust […]

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How to Choose Appliances

Buying the best appliance. It is not always an easy task knowing the best appliance to choose. After all, all the well known Australian brands Westinghouse, Fisher and Paykel, Hoover, Kelvinator, Simpson, Chef are no longer manufactured in Australia. With all these brands built offshore now what do you choose, these tips may help… Tips for choosing the right appliance. It’s worth taking the time […]

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Computer repairs – Virus removal

Prevention is far better than the cure when it comes to computer viruses. Viruses can cause anything from a frozen screen through to complete system failure and data loss. We have used Avast Antivirus for many years to prevent infection from viruses and have been very happy with the performance. 0.0 00

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How does a Microwave Oven work?

The simple answer is friction. The longer version is that it vibrates the water molecules in the food at 2.45 Giga Hertz. The microwave oven works on magnetism, water molecules have a North and South pole and every second the magnetron inside the Microwave oven turns the molecule 4900 million times. Wow, that is fast. Now I don’t know about you but I reckon I […]

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