Q: Why am I being charged a service call fee?

A: Many people wonder why they are charged a call out fee to fix their appliance. They say a builder, tiler, or painter will come out and do a free quote for me, why do appliance repair companies charge a call out fee.

There are several reasons why appliance repairers do this –

Firstly, the majority of the appliance repairer’s job is in the diagnosing of the faulty component. Tracking down these problems in many cases has taken years of training. Most people with mechanical knowledge are able to fit a new component once the faulty part has been identified. So you are paying for their skills and training.

Secondly, tradespeople in the construction industry are usually working on projects that are worth several thousands of dollars and if an appliance repair costs more than a few hundred it is considered not worth repair. So the profit margins are much larger and it is in the builders’ best interest to do a free quote to obtain the work.

Thirdly, when you pay a service call you are paying a share of the company’s operational costs and usually the larger the company the higher the service call fee. These operational fees include insurance, training, telephones, fuel, rent, wages, uniforms, vehicle maintenance, superannuation, taxes, and many cost associated with keeping a business open.

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